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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Brand Identity: The Name and Logo for

With the basic idea in mind to have a website carrying the genuine database of Automotive professionals and Automotive manufacturers, the first challenge ahead was to name the website.

A)     Name of the website:
We came up with a lot of names for the proposed website, but finally we freezed the current name i.e. Although we wanted to have it named only as but due to the unavailability of domain name we added India to it. This came in as a blessing in disguise, as we thought that the Indian Automotive industry itself is so huge to target to and also for the fact that our first steps towards achieving our dreams was to be put in this part of the world. Hence came into being.

Hence if we break the name into three i.e. auto, park & India. Auto represents our intention to target only Automotive Industry (including Automotive OEM’s and Auto Ancillary Manufacturers). Park word has been thought off by us very critically. If we apply the analogy of a real park/garden to our website, we want to make our website, to make our customers comfortable, to promote green            technology, to make it an ultimate destination for Auto manufacturers to grow their businesses and auto professionals to network with each other and grow together. India represents our dream destination.

B)     The Logo: The second important step then was to have a brand logo for the website. Even at this stage we came up with ‘N’ number of ideas, but finally we freezed the below given logo.
The color combination:
-  Auto:- Blue is an apt color to represent Automotive industry, additionally we have indicated a sprocket at the place of ‘O’ to indicate that Automotive industry will always be at the center of our focus
-    Park:- No other color than green would have been suitable to represent our intention to promote green technology and to give our customers a park/garden like experience as indicated above.

Also if you keenly observe you would find that the logo uses all small letters and not even a single capital letter, this indicates that even the smallest of the customers are important to us.

We believe that “Customer Satisfaction is key for our success and it would be the focus of each and every activity of ours”.

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