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Friday, 29 April 2011

Introduction to

All you automotive professionals out there, your search for a well equipped & reliable source of supplier, customer is over… is here. We are a group of young automotive professionals (and we take pride to be one), who came up with this idea to bring all automotive (mind it only automotive and no other industry) professionals & manufacturers in first phase and even service providers, Consultants, traders in the second phase, under one roof.

We have the following two offers in the first phase of our operations;

a)      To create a database of trusted well equipped & reliable manufacturers (Interested manufacturers, who wish to extend their horizons of business by incorporating their profile on, can write to us at or or . We ensure that you would not be disappointed).
b)      To network automotive professionals through
-              Instead of having automotive groups on social networking sites, why not to have only one community/group of automotive professionals on (sounds interesting… hmm). This will help us to connect to each other, share ideas, do business and grow together.
-              If you find this idea as interesting then please click on the “LIKE” link of our Facebook page. (Even if you don’t like this idea, still you can visit the page to find our latest updates J )

Who can use this website?
a)      Top Management Executives : Find what’s happening in the industry, what are other manufacturers doing with our recent updates links.
        b)      Supplier/Vendor Development Professionals : Who are always in the hunt of alternate source of     
                suppliers can easily find reliable and trusted sources                                                        
c)       Marketing/Sales Professionals : Find new customers @
d)      Production, Assembly, Quality and R&D : Find manufacturers who are using state of the art techniques, using latest quality standards.
      e)      HR Professionals : Find profiles which suits your organization, through our networking solutions.


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