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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Automotive OEM’s and Auto Component Manufacturers in India

We are now working on preparing database for Automotive and Auto component manufacturers in India. We are categorizing the Automotive i.e Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) separately from Automotive Component / Automotive Ancillary Manufacturers in India.
A)     In Automotive OEM’s in India Category you will be able to find the database for the following manufacturers;
-          Two Wheeler manufacturers in India
-          Three Wheeler manufacturers in India
-          Four Wheeler manufacturers in India
-          Agriculture Equipment (Tractors, Power Tillers etc) in India
-          Construction Equipment Manufacturers (Backhoe Loaders, Dumpers etc.) in India
-          Off Highway Equipment Manufacturers in India
B)     In Automotive Components / Automotive Ancillary manufacturers in India, we have identified few categories under which we would try to incorporate our entire database and if demand arises we can also add new categories. As of now we are working on database of manufacturers under the following categories;
-          Casting manufacturers
-          Forging manufacturers
-          Engine and Engine Proprietary manufacturers
-          Electrical Proprietary manufacturers
-          Plastic  component manufacturers
-          Rubber component manufacturers
-          Fasteners manufacturers
-          Fabrication Equipment manufacturers
-           Tools and Consumable manufacturers
-          Machined component manufacturers
-          Trim manufacturers in India

We hope to provide  wide range of database which would help Automotive professionals to find reliable source of suppliers/vendors.


  1. The channel will benefit automobile companies in gathering updated information about any particular trade fair they wish to participate in. The portal focuses on promoting Indian suppliers of auto parts and components.

  2. @ Garge Equipment: That is true sir, we are even planning links of Trade Fairs. And you are absolutely right that the website will focus only on Automotive OEM's and Auto Ancillary manufacturers.

    Your support really motivates us to hasten the launching of our site... :)

  3. thanks for sharing with us
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  4. @Boss...
    Dear sir, if you are supplier to automotive OEM's and wish to see your profile on our website then please express your interest on
    We are putting profiles of automotive suppliers on FOC basis (for few identified numbers)to be online till March 2011.